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Secretarial Practice Course in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore 

Secretarial practice as is known entails a career where an individual is employed to be a personal assistant of an individual or an organization. The duties that accrue to persons in the secretarial practice keeping of correspondence, maintaining records, undertaking various transactions as instructed by the organisation. Hence it calls for the existence of a fiduciary relationship between the secretary and their employer. There should exist a sense of confidence in how information is handled and to whom it may be availed. However, there exist several questions: What is the status of secretarial careers in the world today? Is it perceived the way it was in the ancient times? Has it grown to a place where the secretary has become an indispensable person in the corporate world today?

The secretarial practice is not where it was in the past as the secretary has proven to occupy a more important and a more prominent place as compared to the same years ago. Looking for a Secretarial Practice Course in Delhi, do check in various classroom and distance learning Courses by Newcent.

Having considered the above, we see that secretarial duties in the world today doesn’t envision the stereotypical old repetitive duties of a secretary that involved typing and taking short hand notes, but has evolved to a professional image where a secretary is envisioned as a person who partakes bookkeeping,formatting proper business correspondence, engaging in public relations and even partaking administrative duties. This should serve as an incentive for all those who are considering the secretarial practice as the scope of who can be a secretary is wide and the market requires secretaries in different sectors. Secretarial practice course in Delhi.

How many types of secretaries are there?

There exists a number and they include: private secretary, company secretary, embassy secretary, secretary of a government institution, secretary of an association, secretary of a club just to mention a few.

Private Secretary

secretarial practice course in Delhi

Secretarial practice course in Delhi.

The private secretary who is the most widely employed is the one who undertakes the routine duties that their employer lacks the time to do. They can either be simply a personal assistant who undertake steno-typist duties or a confidential assistant who handles confidential information as the name suggests. Most lawyers,judges employ the confidential assistant type of secretary considering the information their work involves.

Company Secretary

For those students looking to be full time officers of a company and are conversant with accounts, taxation, company law, then there exists a place for you in the secretarial practice as a company secretary. The level of growth in this sector is immense as such a person is considered to be the mouthpiece of the board of directors and not only undertakes ministerial duties but also administrative. The financial position of a secretary in this area is also really high and most companies are out there looking for only the best secretaries in this area. Investment in studying secretarial practices course allow for one to be one do truly pay off.

Secretary in Government bodies

For those looking to be secretaries in the government institutions. They partake both administrative and advisory duties. Advisory duties they undertake as they are the ones who offer advice to the ministers in how to run the ministry and also on policy making. The student in this sector is able to grow and have a wider scope of governing methods, how policies are formulated and adopted.

Secretary jobs in Embassies

As for an embassy secretary, who is also called a foreign secretary they are mainly concerned with diplomatic missions. A position as a secretary in this area is considered to be of much esteem and an honourable position in the society. Secretarial practice course in Delhi

Job opportunities for a Secretary

The future for persons interested in secretarial practice is truly promising and bright to say the least . It is also one with increased professional prestige and greater authority. For those with open minds the growth in the sector of secretarial practice has greater opportunities that are far reaching and only time will tell how the duties they undertake revolutionise. Want to take your secretarial skills further into office administration course in Delhi, try newcent’s office administration course.

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    As an HR Recruiter I can say that lots of corporate in Noida where I work are looking for trained Secretaries. Skills & related industry exposure matters most in my company.

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