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Translation Course in India
Diploma in 

Translation & Interpretation 

Translation is the fastest growing career in US*

*The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 46 percent increase in translation job opportunities between 2012 and 2022—much higher than the 11 percent average growth for all careers.

Job Opportunities galore as Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Interpreter, language expert etc. Most translators also freelance & work from home.

Course Overview

Translation industry is a growing industry with a promising career and the freedom to work as a full time translator as well as working from home as a freelancer. Good command over any two languages is essential to be a good translator but that alone is not enough. Translation is an art and it requires understanding and grasp of several critical translation specific requirements to be able to translate documents of various natures with ease and accuracy.

Our translation course has been prepared to train translators the various nuances, approach and terminology which are essential to become a professional translator & interpreter. A certification in translation may also help you to improve credibility & get freelance translation or interpretation assignment or regular job from several national and international agencies & organizations.

Distance Learning

  • Course Content by email/post
  • Translation Software
  • Examination
  • Certification

Duration : 8 Weeks

INR 24400 18000
US $ 340 250

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Classroom course

  • Course Content
  • Classroom Coaching
  • Examination
  • Certification

Duration : 10 Weeks 

INR 44800 33000
US $ 600 460

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Direct Certification*

  • Examination
  • Certification

Duration : 1-2 Weeks

* Only for professionals with 3 years of experience or more

INR 15400 10800
US $ 210 150

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Translation Course in Delhi

Direct Certification

Apart from training in translation, academy also offers a certification program in 50+ languages to those who are already translators. If you are already a translator, and wish to obtain NTA’s certification; you can do so by appearing online for a translation skill evaluation by just paying the examination and evaluation fees of the Academy.

Certificate Courses in Translation in India

Translation Course in Delhi :

The classroom courses are held at C Block Malviya Nagar, near Moti Sweets. Trainer is a renowned linguist with 15+ years of experience. 


Translation Course in Mumbai :

The classroom courses are held at SV Road, Andheri West, near Paneeri Showroom.  Trainer has 10+ years of academic experience in translation & linguistics.


Translation Course in Bangalore :

The classroom courses are held at CMH Road, Indiranagar near Motherhood Hospital.  Classes are held only on weekends.


Translation Course in Chennai:

The classroom courses are held at Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam.