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Customer Care Course in Delhi

Diploma in

Advanced skills in Customer Care

Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction

….. you must improve.

Horst Schulze

Course Overview


Get updated with the latest techniques & advanced skills in the field of customer care.  Customer Care & Cusomer Relationship management industry is a rapidly growing industry. Every organization today has a dedicated customer service wing. Customer Service is one of the few careers that is growing strong and holds a lot of promise. Customer Service Representative jobs are the third largest growing jobs in the US. 

The job opportunities are diverse, ranging Technical Support for Sales, After-sales or product support. The job salaries and perks are constantly on the hike. Keeping the customer happy & satisfied is after all so much important & vital for any business. We offer Customer care Courses in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and our Distance Learning Program is for those who are unable to take up a regular classroom course.


Distance Learning

  • Course Content by email/post
  • Examination
  • Certification

Duration : 6-8 Weeks

INR 14400 8100
US $ 220 130

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Classroom Course

  • Course Content
  • Classroom Coaching
  • Examination
  • Certification

Duration : 8 Weeks or more

INR 24800 18800
US $ 380 280

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Direct Certification*

  • Examination
  • Certification

Duration : 1-2 Week

* Only for professionals with 3 years of experience of more

INR 10000 6300
US $ 150 100

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Customer Care Course in Mumbai

Many think that just good behaviour and following standard code of conduct of the organization will be sufficient to fit in the customer care industry and steer forward their career to great success. This is far from true. Imagine situations where you have been a customer yourself and found services of customer care people far below your expectations. Likewise, what you afterall think as good enough for your customer may be far from good for a lot of your customers. In a career that involves serving and delighting customer, you can hardly rely on standard guidelines and your own definitiion of being a good help. This course will help you understand your different customer and their psychology and behaviour and train you to handle them in different situation effectively. With advanced skills of customer care field under your belt, you are likely to not only see a surge in your customer experience but your career will go places.   

Learning Centre for Customer Care Courses

Customer Care Course in Delhi :

The classroom courses are held at Savitri Nagar, behind main cloth market. The nearest Metro station is Hauz Khas .


Customer Care Course in Mumbai :

The classroom courses are held at Manmala Tank Road, Dadar West opposite Star City Cinema.


Customer Care Course in Bangalore :

The classroom courses are held at Meenakshi Kovil Street, Shivaji Nagar. 


Customer Care Course in Chennai:

The classroom courses are held at Thiruvediamman Koil Street, Koyambedu.