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Get Published

Write. Get Published.

If it gets noticed, you get paid too.

Entries Invited from Translators

Academy plans to publish a journal on translation of poetry in 2017 for which entries are invited.

  • Only original translation entries of a song or poem from English to another language or from another language to English shall be considered.
  • The poem/song should ideally extend between 200 words or more and up to 600 words. For special requests, please send us a mail us with details.
  • Translation in all popular languages shall be considered for entries. Please send us a copy of the original poetry along with your entry.

 Translation is often discredited for the loss of literary charm and magic in translation, so the challenge for entries shall be to capture not the words but the underlying essence & literary magic of song and to preserve or even improve it in translation. You’re free to take some liberties while undertaking translation to give flair to your translation. All entries shall be published in the journal and a copy shall be marked to all stakeholders. This will not only add more accomplishment to your translation profile but also serve as a challenge to participate in an exciting translation opportunity.

Send us your entries on
Email : [email protected]

Please mark the subject as “Translation Journal Entry”

Entries Invited from other Professionals

If you can write an interesting or catchy article related to your field particularly about something a lot of people want to know about; we will be happy to publish it on our blog. We would be looking to publish articles that are well researched, have an interesting presentation & high quality content and related to the fields and courses under our current purview. What’s more? If the article generates more than 10k views on our blog we shall pay you 100 $ for every such article. The article must be original and must never be published elsewhere on internet to be considered for publication.


Send us your entries on
Email : [email protected]
  • Please mark the subject as “Get Published Article Entry”
  • The articles can be from 300 words to 2000 words.
  • Tip : For instance if you’re a retail professional you can say decide to write an article on how to handle a difficult customer?