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Get Hired

Drop your Resume & get great job offers.

NTA helps in placement & hiring of its students and certified professionals free of charge. If you’re looking for a job, please send us your resume. Please also mention in detail the country/ region where you would be open to relocate for work.

NTA works directly with several corporates and also partners with several HR consultants, so sending your CV to us is akin to getting listed with quite a few top HR agencies at one go.

You don’t need to be our student or be trained or certified by us to register.  

NTA also helps students in re-writing their resume to make a mark and communicate effectively their suitability for the position to prospective employers. NTA also provides guidance on maximizing your chances of getting more interview calls and bagging an offer letter.


Send us your resume
Email : [email protected]
  • Please mark the position / field you are applying in the subject.
  • You can freely select more than one job position or even different fields to maximize your chances of being considered for different field and positions.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are quite experienced or just starting out, or whether you are looking for a full time position or a freelance assignment. We get client request for all sort of profiles including internships.

Upload Your Resume Here