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Short Term Courses in Delhi

About Us

Learn. And be what you want to be.

Its that simple.

Newcent Training Academy is a privately held training academy; one of its kind of dedicated professional training academy.  NTA currently offers several short professional courses which are tailored to build skills in a way to help candidates get a job and/ or gain advanced skills which can be an aid or a precursor to a promotion in existing jobs. The courses are practical and skill oriented so that candidates can perform their jobs more efficiently and meet the latest demands of the industry. NTA attempts to provides training of latest industry norms, standards and technology and provide practical insights to train & refine occupational skills.

All courses offered by NTA are chiefly Distance Learning courses to reach & empower students cutting across geographical barrier; some courses are also offered as classroom courses in certain locations.

In a technology driven professional world it is exceedingly important to stay in touch with the latest in every field or get outdated after a while which is why the emphasis of NTA instructors is to give our students good well researched easy to understand content updated from time to time to give them more and more skill and right attitude to be an efficient and useful fit in the industry.

To keep the fees extremely low to be able to reach to every strata of student was one of our top priorities which is why NTA does not invests or maintain any elaborate or expensive training infrastructure or manpower to be able to give highest cost-efficiency to students without compromising one bit on quality and efficiency.

Distance Learning Courses in Delhi

Our Distance Learning Courses :

  • You can set your own pace. Unlike classroom course where you have to flow with the group, here you can advance quickly through some modules which you already know or find easy and you can slow down on some modules for which you need more time.
  • You only have to study when you get time and where you want.
  • These courses are also ideal for working professionals as you won’t need to leave your job to do these courses.
  • These courses are also ideal for people who are located in other region/ countries / cities or are located in same city but stay very far from training centre.
  • Distance Learning Courses are extremely affordable and priced much less than classroom courses.
  • You won’t need to travel every time to attend class. This will save you lot of time, hassle & money.
  • You won’t have to pay for classroom coaching fees by doing self-study but you can get your queries & doubts resolved on email or phone from our instructors once every fortnight. Necessary personal touch & guidance shall be provided.
  • Examinations are conducted online. Certificates can be delivered by post in any part of world.

Our Classroom Courses :

  • Weekend Classes for working people.
  • Work live on actual projects of Fortune 500 Companies (whenever possible) from 2nd month onwards.
  • Classroom with Free Internet Wi-Fi
  • Water cooler. Complimentary tea.
  • Not all training is held in our training centre. Some classes are held at homes of instructors and certain module training may also be held at neutral places as public park or shopping arcade or third-party corporate offices etc.
  • Simulated Scene creation and actual rehearsal of real Industry situations in classroom for some courses.
  • Free Resume Re-writing Service upon completion to make your resume stand out from the rest. Beside we will have it re-written & presented in a manner to improve your chances of getting an interview call significantly.
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