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Verify Certificate

Verify your certificate by entering the number found at your certificate:

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How can employers verify authenticity of NTA awarded certificates? 

The authenticity of any NTA-issued certificate can be verified on this page above by submitting their certificate number and matching it with the search result. If however for any technical reason, you are unable to verify the certificate here, please contact us for verification on [email protected].


What is the NTA Certification Program ?

NTA conducts Classroom Courses, Distance Learning courses etc. for students under different programs. The mission of NTA is to build skills, improve efficiency, and enhance professional standards by arming manpower with knowledge & essential skills in a particular field keeping the latest industry requirements in mind. An NTA certification is first step to synergize your career with professional training and give it a great head start.


How does a professional earn NTA certification?

Candidates are trained, screened and evaluated and awarded certification basis successful completion of classroom or distance learning training program.  They must meet education and or minimum 3 year experience if they are applying under direct examination route for certification.


Looking to hire an NTA-certified professional?

Find the right professional for your organization. Get in touch with us and we shall be happy to assist.