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Start a Career in Retail Sales and Store Management in India

Retail Sales & Store Management course in India

Start a Career in Retail Sales and Store Management in India

Tired of your desk job, thinking about a career change or got stuck when someone asks you what you want to do as a career? According to a recent report published by the Conference Board in 2014, over 52% of Americans said they were unhappy at work. Don’t let that be you. Are you looking for a fast paced, exciting and engaging job which lets you connect with people and build strong relationships? Then maybe a retail sales and store management course in India is for you. With a retail boom in India in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai, a retail sales & store management course in India is a sure ticket to success.


Career Advantages

Scope and Variety

As a store manager – you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of tasks from ordering and inventory, staff management, financial accounting and customer management and relationship building, all whilst working with a fun and enjoyable team which you have helped train and succeed.
As a sales personnel – you’ll get the rare opportunity to work, with an ever expanding client base, build relationships, and have on the job skills training and various opportunities to grow under one of the largest and most in demand sectors.


Flexible working hours

Whilst most other office jobs are your typical 9 to 5, working in retail sales you have the opportunity to have flexible hours to fit in with your lifestyle. You have an opportunity to earn and income and qualification all whilst earning valuable work experience.
Job security
The retail industry is a sector which has consistently growing in all world markets, the American retail sector alone is accountable for 42 million jobs, powering the American economy and providing opportunity and rewarding careers with limitless scope for personal growth and promotion.


How to start an amazing career in Retail Sales and Store Management?


Whether you’re looking for a flexible career change or experience and income whilst studying, there are a variety of ways in which you can fast track your way into this exciting new sector.
If you have previously worked in a sales or management role – talk to a recruitment company on how your previous experience may assist you in finding the appropriate role for you.
Obtain relevant qualifications by taking a retail sales and store management course in Delhi or Mumbai. Retail careers are expected to grow faster than the average by 2020. You can now study online or on campus. Meaning you can study closer to home or at a university with your friends – the opportunities are endless.


Retail sales & store management course in India – Options at Delhi, Mumbai

Associate Degrees

For those who currently work in sales and want a recognised qualification or those are interested in working in sales, they can obtain a 2 year degree in Retail Administration which is a 2 year full time course.

Bachelor’s Degree

This course is intended for those who currently work in sales and intended to become a manger. They have the option to go for a University degree. This is a 4 year full time course.

Short Courses

Academies such as Newcent offer short but skill rich retail sales & store management course in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai to gain a quick entry or to add value to an existing degree. This can include career pathways to sale managers, marketing managers, or purchasing manager. This is a short 3 month course.


Classroom or Distance Education?

The choice is yours.
Distance education offers flexible learning hours and interactive learning for those wanting to maintain and income and advance their career or those with commitments or distance factors which do not enable them to attend a classroom lecture. Online course curriculum are heavily regulated, so the standard of learning and support is parallel to attending a classroom. Though many students prefer classroom learning for ease of structure and having the opportunity for discussion and socialisation, but if you are already working and cannot afford so much fees and importantly time, a Distance learning is a great option than to not to take up any formal training.

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