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How to Start your Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course in India

How to Start your Career in Digital Marketing

How to start your career in Digital Marketing ?


Digital marketing has become a significant trend in today’s world. According to the study conducted by LinkedIn, SEO and Digital Marketer is one of the most sought after profile in the industry. There are several Digital Marketing Course nowdays, but few good ones.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA also indicates that marketing jobs are set to quadruple by 2022. Average Salary of a digital marketing professional is also to set increase by more than 30% (

There is no doubt that this sector will be seeing explosive growth as the internet starts reaching every part of the world.


Education opportunities in a Digital Marketing field


Truth to be told, Digital marketing has not yet arrived in the education scene so as to match popular courses like Engineering or Medicine. But still, there are lots of classroom courses that you can take for building your skills and knowledge.


Short Digital Marketing Courses


Google Marketing course

It is always better to get everything from the horse’s mouth. As such this course is regarded as one of the best online marketing course.

Now to the excellent part.

Yes, you guessed it completely right. This course is free of charge.

Here are the details


Hubspot Inbound Marketing Training

Hubspot is one of the well read and regarded marketing blog in the world. Each month they receive millions of visits. This course is also 100% free and gives a very good general overview of blogging, SEO, social media strategy and email marketing. Moreover, there is also a test upon successful completion of the course.


Edx Courses

EdX is also another 100% free platform with lots of courses starting from computer programming to Paid media advertising. You can find it all here.

Entrepreneurship 101 ( is a very well known advanced course in the field of online marketing.


Newcent Courses

Newcent courses are not free coz they involve personal mentoring and guidance at every step. Their trainers are one of the best in the Industry, especially in India & Asia region.


University  Courses


Syracuse University


Syracuse University was founded in 1934 and is considered as one of the top schools in Communication Science. They have partnered with online Social management tool Hootsuite to impart knowledge via their Advanced Social Media Strategy Certificate. To date, more than 15000 students have enrolled themselves in this University.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois is the first school to have started an Advertising course under the patronage of Charles H. Sandage. The students studying courses in advertisements, are imparted with knowledge in the field of PR Strategy and Brand building. Later on, they apply this knowledge in the Sanders project to help a small business solve brand exposure related problems.


Standford Graduate School of Business

Standford Business School is ranked as one of the top most business school in the world. (

They have several short term certificate courses geared towards marketing professionals. One such course is Strategic Management Program. This course combines classes and demonstration on both digital marketing theory and hands-on training on brand development and social media exposure.

Though there are several other classroom courses in the USA, these three can be indeed be considered as the most popular one among the students.

However, these courses are costly, and not all of them can afford to attend these expensive residential full-time courses. But don’t worry as there are several other online digital courses which you can avail from the comfort of your home.


Job opportunities in Digital Marketing


As the Internet is growing each day, more and marketing jobs are being created. You can start by uploading your resume to several job search sites such as etc.

You should also send your resume to popular Media houses and Advertising agencies for any vacant marketing professional role.

If you want to do freelancing then, you can go that route also. It’ll offer you the freedom of location and time. Make sure that you register your profile on sites like and Newcent also offers a free support to Digital Marketing Professionals in finding jobs. Here is the link 



If you spend time in acquiring the right skill and knowledge, then you’ll find plenty of opportunities for your career advancement.

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