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Do good writers also make good translators?

Do good writers also make good translators?

Do good writers also make good translators?

If you have been working with freelancers a lot, and especially if you worked on website building and carrying projects, you surely hired writers already more than once. And if you ever needed to reach out to people speaking languages other than English, you have probably worked with a translation company in India.

While working in this kind of project, it turns out curious how some writers have also a translator’s skill based profile. Writing is creative & free while translating requires discipline & staying faithful to content.


What makes a good writer?

A writer is a person who creates and develops the text we read.

Whether we are talking about creative writing such as novels, scripts, and marketing lines, informative writing such as blogs, press releases, and news or even research based writing, a writer must have a minimum skill in engaging the reader deeper into its content.

So, for now, we know a good writer must have these competencies:

– Creativity: In all cases to make up something new and original.

– Vocabulary: Knowing as many words as possible and how to use them correctly is a must for a writer, if now everything would sound repetitive and silly.

– Excellent grammar: In almost every scenario a text with errors will represent a failure for a writer.

– The ability of conviction: Writing is an art, one that involves turning your inner thoughts into the reader’s, therefore when writing you need to make it so your content is believable.

– Researching skills: Writers cannot just throw information out in the open, not even fiction novelists do. Usually, there is a research that supports the statements of the content.


What makes a good translator?

Now let’s compare the above with what we should look in a translator.

A translator, on the other hand, is a person who transforms content, written or spoken from one language to the other.

Commonly, translators work with both their writing and speaking skills. Those working with their speaking skills translating live speeches are known as interpreters.

Translators work consists in moving the content from one language to the other keeping its meaning as intact as possible. Therefore, they need skills to make this happen.

– Vocabulary in both languages: A translator must have a wide register of known words and meanings in both languages to ensure they connect correctly.

– Perfect grammar: Just like the writers, a translator must have the ability to write and speak without room for errors and mistakes.

– Thinking speed: Ok, yes, writers have deadlines, sure, but a translator & interpreters usually work on the track. So having the speed to connect both languages accurate and free from errors in a few hours, makes the thinking speed an essential skill for this profession.


The answer!

Ok, we just stated the main skills you need to look for in order to detect a good writer or translator.

So now, let us review if a good writer makes a good translator.

The answer is no, even though both share some base skills to follow up to their jobs, a good writer can work in only one language, translators can’t.

Another difference is that translators usually work on the track or with severally short deadlines, while writers well in the worse scenario have a few hours for every small piece of content.

Also, translators usually require both writing and speaking skills in order to work properly. On the other hand, if you are a good writer who completely manages two languages, with some training and lots of practice you can probably make a good translator.


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