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Career in office Administration

office administration course

Career in office Administration

Career in Office Administration

Office administration career belongs to the high end list of university and college graduates. According to Sigmund Freud, a famous XIX –XX th century psychologist, libido (love) and self respect (work) are the main drives of the humanity. The majority of us would like to be loved and to be promoted on their work places. A lot of us want to be small or big bosses, and it is natural, it is stamped in our subconscious. So, if you hear some joke, saying that his or her office job is secure, because nobody wants to do it, don`t trust it. Millions of yuppie looking people long for office administration work. An office administration course will go a long way in opening a window of a great career ahead.

Advantages of this kind of work. It is clear that the closer you are to the high rank management of your company, the more chances you have to be noticed, estimated, and promoted for your workaholic efforts. The majority of bosses prefer to promote their own personnel, instead of hiring outsiders.

Even if you are suddenly laid off, because of various reasons, the gained experience could be effectively applied in another company. Professionalism is a reliable thing.


How to start career in office administration?

The young employees could courageously start from the lowest career ladder. Office manager, receptionist, secretary, personal assistant and other similar positions, could become an effective platform for your future skyrocketing career. The key idea, you are to develop your communication skills, and not to behave as some antisocial cool fish. You are to greet all office members, as well as clients of your company, to discuss all their problems, and to coordinate the whole working process, not forgetting about business etiquette rules. One wrong word, one aggressive action, could seriously spoil your reputation. So, politeness means a lot in an office environment. Good organizational skills are also important. Common sense rules of thumb would help you a lot. Excellent computer skills belong to the priorities too.

Various course options. On the one hand, the diploma of some more or less respected college will help you to get your foot in the door of the majority of big and middle size companies. On the other hand, a lot of high educational institutions offer 12 week courses for those, who want to start their career in the office administration of well known companies. The most popular American, British and Canadian universities offer differently named courses, such as Course Office Administration, Course – Quality Management, Enterprise Administration program, and so on. Though, they are pricey, the result is completely reliable. All graduates of such courses apply successfully to their, so wanted, office administrations.



If you firmly decide to launch your office administration career, don`t pay attention to various sarcastic and skeptical remarks. Don`t listen to the office jokes, saying that you should not be irreplaceable, cause those people who could not be replaced, could not be promoted. Nonsense, all bosses want to have in their teams just only eager beavers. Therefore, the more extra time you work, the better for office career. Don`t listen to those freelancers who say that office kills your health and freedom. Hot air, a lot of them wanted to make their career, but failed. So, just try it, and who knows, maybe, while looking out of your luxury car, ten years after, you will regret a bit about your golden handcuff years, but your bank account will say in an unbiased way that your efforts were not fruitless.


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